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What are the Digitales media archives?
All the recordings of the lectures, talks, workshops and interviews given during Digitales (from 2001 until 2006), were collected into an open data bank. The recordings are available in their original language, together with an introduction and a biography. The text and the biography were submitted by the guest speakers at the time of their Digitales intervention and haven’t been adjusted since.

This data bank of digital traces is the result of an intense collaboration between professionals and the women in training, who exchanged their practices around sound and video registration, montage and realization.

How to use the archive?
There are three ways to search through the archive:
- browse by category
- select the title of an intervention in the menu
- select the name of a guest (author of the intervention) in the menu
browse the search engine (above right) by entering a name or word of choice (no results guaranteed)
- You can browse the archive, the texts and biographies in Dutch, French or English. The title of the intervention, however, is in the original language.

Terms of use and technical specifications
The data bank and its content were made with free software (free software is software with an open source code which allows you to use it, change it and distribute it).
Before you download a sound file, make sure your computer can read ogg files (for example with a VLC player, downloadable here. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

You are free to use this archive with due regard for copyright and in accordance with the Creative Commons licence: Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel 2.0 Belgium

We would like to thank Anabella Almeida, Pascale Baidak, Michelle Balasoiu, Sylvia Bantuelle, Marlene Becker, Anne-Laure Buisson, Candida TV, Faouzia Dahoui, Pierre De Jaeger, Joan de Sadeleer, Ella Elesse, Vanessa Hantson, Indymedia, Sébastien Koeppel, Isabelle Koninckx, Nicole Lenoir, Elodie Marrel, Annick Mercier, Annie Olivy, Olivier Praet, Ines Rabadan, Valérie Swain, Nathalie Terendij, Christian Tissot, Julienne Toch, Wendy Van Wijnsberghe, Marie Vermeiren, Adeline Weckmans, and all those who contributed to the data bank and whose name we have forgotten here; many thanks also to the team of ADA and Interface 3 and their interns, to the team of Constant and all paticipants of Digitales.